My Three SL Wishes: Caitstyle


Soooo, while indulging my new blog obsession (in a completely non-creepy way) I came across the latest challenge meme from!  Your 3 SL wishes… I’m going to resist the wishing for more wishes, as we all know that is a cop out in this game, rub the lamp and hope for the best.  I really hope that Robin Williams clad in a blue genie costume does not appear, for my sanity’s sake Oo!

Meme instructions: Share three things you wish for or about your Second Life. They could be things you wish from Linden Lab, things you would like to have inworld, things you would like to do, or any kind of wishes you may have.”

Okay here goes it:

Wish One:

So I am going to go a a little sappy with this first wish.  No tissues please.  I wish that aspects of my second life were part of my real life when it comes to the friends I have here.  I have met so many amazing people and been able to be a version of myself that is far more open and socialable then I initially am in rl.  I wish I could text a bestie in sl and go grab coffee down the street,  listen to live music with some of the friends I have here and this especially; spend that sweet evening in each others arms with my beloved (the time will come soon babe ;))  Also, being able to adjust my hair, height and boob size with the click of a button wouldn’t suck either…IJS.

Wish two:

I wish there was less of a sexual aspect to sl.  I feel a few participants give the community a bad name, I am not saying that it does not have its time and place for some but I should be able to do a search on market with out having to genitals fill my screen.  Also,  I wish half of second life did not start every interaction with the assumption of pixel bumping.  Sorry creepy person I have never spoken to, I have no desire to go see what develops on a pose ball in the back of a nudy beach.  Also dude,  I highly suggest a minor upgrade as your pants look less realistic then sponge bob’s whole body and your av’s face has no features, like really we are talking voldemort style.  It’s not even that i wish this was not part of sl but more that it was not so assumed to be a main draw, if that makes sense.

Wish Three:

My last wish is that I wish Second life was more affordable.  OK OK, wait, do not start cursing me yet and telling me nothing is free and lindens amount to very little in currency.  I know it is possible to play sl for not very much money, however this limits the gameplay and stiffles creativity.  As an active player for over two years, I must say it adds up.  Shopping, rent, tips, they do not always come cheap.  Now I must say designers are awesome with the group gifts they put out which are impeccable at times,  I do not find the market rates too high but i think Linden labs has set a high bar, esp if you play games like bloodlines (like me) your rl pockets def take a hit.  Actual in world sim rental is a really hard amount to pay each month in my opinion, anyway we are making wishes right 🙂

Hope you enjoyed my meme rant… ~Muahhhh Caitface!


One thought on “My Three SL Wishes: Caitstyle

  1. cait omg ur wishes are perfect i totally agree with all three of your wishes you really hit it all perfectly on the nail, yes rent wow wouldn’t it be cool if tier wasn’t soo much wow we could do so much more would be amazing :)) and less sex in sl wow yes it be nice to be able to chat with some people and not have to blatantly push that your in a relationship and not looking for5pixel heheh how did u put it?( noo pixel bumping ) hahah funny and yes to meet all the amazing friends and family that we made in sl i soo would love to come out to the us and meet up hang out and yes have the coffee , and live music yes i see it all now squeezes my eyes shut and and oooh not wishing hard enough :))
    love u cait great post xxxxx

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