The Empress’s New Clothes


So I have been loving reading all the amazing fashion blogs out there lately, such talent and inspiration.  I was over reading strawberrysinge‘s blog which is epic btw when she did a post for the Disney Bound challenge.  This challenge is so fun and every week gives us  a Disney character as inspiration to do a blog post.  You can take as little or much from the character to inspire your look.   I also saw this challenge featured on another favorite blog, Ohmyshizz.  I am a fairy tale fiend so  I love this idea and I wasted no time getting to work on this weeks theme Kusco from the Emporer’s New Groove.  Check out the flicker group for this challenge!


I picked a beautiful Arabian market sim as the setting and wore this flower red, roman inspired frock with royal like accents.  Dark hair with a sharp bang to get the Kuzco style and don’t forget the turquoise!  I drooled over these turquoise and ruby earrings and love the flow of this blue bow.


Hair: Tatum blacks


Earings:  Zaara : Tarika Turquoise Earrings

Acessories, crown, sandals: Luas Roman

Bow: Drift: Lil’ bow

Setting: Island of Carnivale (In World)

Hope you enjoyed! ~Cait

PicMonkey Collage


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