..:Never Cage a Bird:..


Hello Mooners!

It’s time to unleash our dark side, a few weeks ago we had a heaven/ hell event and I, like the sweetheart I am, was the epitome of good in my angel costume.  Seeing all the great demon looks and also browsing through Fantasy Faire 2013 (Going on now!) made me create this creature.  Feathers of a raven, horns or a beast, and a deadly bite were only some of her charm.  Seemed someone tried to cage this bird and lost the battle, I sure wouldn’t mess with those talons.


This body suit and leggings came from SEVEN and the shading really made the corset pop when black can often come off flat.  Miel has great boots, and these are my favorite punk inspired boots, I pair them with everything from dressed to demon costumes!  I’m sure there is plenty in between!  The raven accessories are from Avid, which features gorgeous goth styles.


Hope you enjoyed!  Please like if you did and comment, feedback is soooo important! ❤ Caitlin

Makeup: Corvus: Beaten up face

Piercings: Mad Echo Abbey Piecing

Necklace: Antique

Beads: [AdN] DERANGED ELF,  Crickets – Zoebackdrop beads

Bangles: taped glove / bangles BND

Fingertape: [AdN] DISTURBED

Wings and talons: AVid Gothic Clothing – The Raven

Boots:  Miel Far Boots

Bodysuit and leggings: SEVEN – SASHA OUTFIT



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