..::Down by the docks::..


Okay Mooners!

I try my best to incorporate many different types of style in to the blog and I realized we have not had a grunge look lately.   I also abandoned all my resent long mesh locks for the cropped style from fri.day.  Zup has some great full outfits on sale in store and on market.  This one came with shoes, jacket, shorts, shirt, glasses and tattoo’s   What a bargain for 250l.  I loved this casual look because it was edgy and realistic.    A grungy clutch from Tentacio and some studded bangles finished it off.  I did not look like a shady character while scrolling the docks in the evening light.  Certainly had not sordid plans in mind.  Hope you like, please thumbs up if you do and follow us!


My ‘don’t take my picture paparazzi’ shot



Hair: Fri.day Marie blacks

Clutch tentacio: old school Grunge clutch

Outfit: Zup Spring urban outfit

Bangles: League wanderer’s jewwlery

Poses: Purple poses Anita

I can not remember the name of this warehouse sim Oo

Hope you liked 🙂 <3Caitface


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