sl names meme why ohh why am I called Hazy Cygnet:)

Strawberry Singh– is coming up with meme finding out what makes us tick fascinating soo I shall join in too:)

What’s your SL name?- Hazy Cygnet

2.What made you chose this name?- well i used to play another game my name was lazy something i forget what it was now but i thought Hazy suited me just fine as I really am extremely Hazy most of the time , most of my hazyness, my sl family and friends call it a hazyisum like when I delete half of our club or post inappropriate pictures on our Stonehenge ‘giggles’ and didn’t even notice till I was showing some one new around sim ooh god that makes me laugh soo much to think of that any way that explain the Hazy. The cygnet well I  at the time my self esteem was very low so I though cygnet like the ugly duckling who grows to be a beautiful swan, that’s me ~Hazy Cygnet

3.What’s your SL nickname, or what do most people call you? (if applicable)- Hazy

4.What’s your SL display name? Why do you choose to have one? (if applicable)- just Hazy Cygnet with an Anarchy sign for the A as I’m very none conformist, kinda bugs me when people change there names on a weekly basis I cant keep up I tend to only use their sl name , unless its a name they have chosen and stuck with.

5.Do you like your SL name?- yes i love my name its part of me , now should I confess this?? ooh ok here goes, but when I write emails for real I have very nearly put hazy at the end hehehe not yet actually done it, but YET I say as this is Hazy after all heheh

6.If you could change your SL name, what would it be?- ummmmmmm I don’t think I would.  My alt is called Fallenpolarity, if that’s any help

7.What’s the craziest/funniest SL name you’ve ever seen?- ooh god I seen soo many mad names and cant remember them now:) its the ones like ihaveabigdick,that make me laugh its is umm ,well ,poor guy I feel bad for u as u obviously don’t, to feel the need to call your self that . (added this last bit just as I was about to send my blog just checking I had all the links right and I see someone in a group needacoc why ooh why would u call your self that , made me laugh as I was just about to click send for my blog and I saw that name, perfect timing if nothing else heheh)

8.What’s the coolest (your favorite) SL name you’ve ever seen?- ooh come on this is Hazy answering these I cant remember stuff like that lol

well there we are my answers any one wanting to do this also delete my answers and copy the questions and answer away  and post in to strawberry’s challenge

and because its spring I’m going to post this picture I took its a few weeks ago while putting flowers down on sim feeling all spring like so I’ll share it with you

inda flowers u intoxicate me

inda flowers u intoxicate me

inda flowers you make me blossom inda flowersi wish dreams

Hair  Paloma is by !sugarsmack

the gold necklaces are by Ryca

the little jeweled necklace -gypsy is by Earthstones

the dress I have had forever from Son!a

Indra painted stacked bangles by Zaara

and the spider ring umm not sure where that came from

well I hope you enjoyed my lil walk down memory lane, I most certainly enjoyed writing it  and till the next time Hazy Cygnet xxxx


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