The Fashion Show comes to sl

well today I had a freebie day. I saw a coat I loved so went over to Mode to get it and was given a gift with a male and a female gift in the box, the female gift was these cute heels I have on , ooh any store can win me over with shoes and these def got my vote they have the height and the thinness I love in heels every thing about them is prefect. so I got the shoes I bought the coat too I was after and I shall blog that later, but I have  some really exciting news to tell you something  really exciting  u wanna hear it??

ok well  for those who know full moon we have the ghetto with some really cool stores and designers on, but wait for it wait for it…well   Shaxakik has started a new  fashion initiative its really exciting and growing really fast already there is 99 vip’s in the group and a ton of really cool new designers and not the every day mainstream stuff this is fashion with an edge, cutting edge fashion that I know u all gonna want . now cause my dyslexia I don’t write too well so I’m going to copy and past the group note card here so u can get a good understanding on what its all about…
Ladies Grab your shopping bags! its Fashion Show Time! we want to bring fashion to a whole new level!!!
we are a new group we want to bring you the best selections of second life Fashion!

Designers Rules: 􀀂
– when you receive your Designers Tag Please Make sure your First Notice is a gift to our VIPs!
– 2 notices per day 1 chat Advertisement a day!
– Tell your friends and Hang our Group inviter up in your Store. (i will check 🙂

as a designer of {The Fashion Show} you have a chance to help run our Weekly Show {The Sunday Show}
you can contribute up to 3 items a week. for each item you submit it is 100L$. 3 items is the max. you can pick up a submission card at the lounge and drop it in the submission box.

{The Sunday Show} is from Sunday 7am SLt to Monday 11am Slt  this gives others who are not online on Sundays a chance to get in here.

{The Sunday Show} is Done in the lounge so dont worry about having to set up anything in your main store it is all in a one stop shop!

Bloggers Rules: 􀀁
– 2 Notices A day 1 chat Add A day
-Tell your Readers About us! and Send the Blog link to Shaxakiki resident when finished.

Bloggers this is just another group you can find the hottest deals in you may blog when you want and what you want please be sure to list the link in a notice so everyone can see 🙂

VIP Rules:
– No Spam in chat if you would like to advertise in this group please fill out a designers application or Bloggers Application and Drop it in the Drop Box located at {The Fashion Show Lounge}
– Have Fun

Every Month there is a VIPs Only Gift provided by one of our Top Designers! so always be on the look out for that on the 1st of every month!.

now this opens on Sunday only a couple of days now so be sure to come by and check  this out   trust me there some great offers, some great clothing ,so join the group in world and get all the great gifts , join the flicker page and the blog and be sure not to miss out on a single thing

The Fashion Show–  your taxi right here!!! so remember this Sunday it all begins ,soo be there  ready to grab those amazing bargains , some really beautiful fashion and don’t be afraid to tell anyone ,every one where u got it  as u know this is gonna be the place to get your kit for all  your everyday needs, trust me it is the p[lace u gonna never want too leave, you’ll never need to go any where else again it be your one stop shop:))


sugar skul head

Also I just have Photoshop for the first time so forgive me while I learn my way around this program my pictures might be a lil random while I get to grips with it

happy shopping my sweet  fashion peeps with love and kisses Hazyxxx

What I am wearing

T-Shirt  -Kiss- Sugarskull- . group gift

SunGlasses- 70s  from- Izzie’s

Shoes from Mode– group gift

Nails from Mandala

Necklace and Earrings- Shangi-la Pink from mandala

And to be sure u remember The Fashion Show

{The Sunday Show Logo}


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