..::All tangled up in you::..

Hello again 🙂

So, I was flickr browsing when I saw a picture of this plaid button down top made by and old friend, Smash Drezelan.   I popped over to her store. Wolf and I, has some great items so look it up on MP.  I finally convinced my hunny to join me in this post as I loved the idea of a his and hers casual look.  He is wearing a military inspired jacket and my favorite guy jeans from notsobad.  Body shop has great male skin/ shape packages and raw house is still an all time leader for male hair in my eyes.

On me, this outfit was put together with Bella from Twilight in mind.  Love her casual, I’m not that made up but look amazing style.  Long dark waves, a cute guy and a cuddle make for a good look and so what if my shoes don’t match my top…  Didn’t you know?   Contrast is everything 🙂

“I used to run at first sight of the sun, now I lay here waiting for you to wake up”

On him:

Hair: RAW HOUSE: Flatliner hair Browns

Jacket: Blackline 009 Jacket BLUE

Jeans:  Notsobad. Mungo jeans. Mesh

On me:

Hair:  Lelutka . Oops and Victoria combination.  Dark Borwns

Shirt: Wolf & I: maggi mae flannel

Jeans: HBIC: Sculpt me jeans

Sneakers:  Tentacio: Nabuki sneakers skulls

See you all soon :)~ CaIT


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