For this was Saint Valentine’s day, when every bird of every kind comes to this place to choose his mate

Its Valentines day!! the day that every one is reminded how much they are loved not just by a partner but family and friends . I love how second life does this makes a lot people who have none in real feel very loved and cared for  as the messages of Happy valentines day are flying around, we really do have a special thing which many who don’t play second life could never possibly understand . as my real daughter says they not real friends mum but I disagree with this I have  friends  that i would call my friends for life ( admittedly  not yet meet in real Life ) but this doesn’t matter  a great deal to me, I go to if I had a problem ,  they make me laugh a lot , they have made me cry but mostly they always bring a smile to my face  they make my sl , my real is better for knowing them, they are such a diverse bunch but this is what I love about them none are predictable they all so individual and special

tomorrow my sl daughter is getting married  the first wedding got cancelled was going to be just after Christmas now postponed to tomorrow and its perfect  a beautiful venue has been put up going out into the lagoon with the blossom trees behind it looks so romantic and pretty.and im so excited  the first wedding of the year on our sim  and its my beautiful daughter marrying the sweetest guy ever she soo happy and im so proud of her she done a fantastic job organizing it all and getting us all organized.

while we were setting up the wedding venue I hopped into the tree and took pictures for this blog post I felt it was the perfect place to sit and ponder the meaning of valentines day to me and my daughters wedding

Maybe I should plan my blog posts better  I really don’t. I tend to be wearing an outfit and like it and decide to share it with all you smexy lot   but that’s just me in my real and my sl I do on the spur of the moment things  never really plan just do and I do constantly get nagged for never planning anything but shrugs its just the way I am:))

so enough my rambling on about nothing particular and here are my pictures…

on sim my secret hideouton sim up up in the trees

on sim willow the ancient of treeson sim on the boat

Hair-Fluster by Ploom

necklace- choker- EVE GOLD by RYCA

necklace-Genie Jewelry Sets-Opal by Earthstones

necklace -double angel- store unknow

bangles-painted by Mandala

Pants-sexy sports suit-Green by Deetalz

top-bake sale-eat me by Riddle

Shoes-elic heels 3 in 1 by Angelic Lefevre

socks -alluring argyle by riddle


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