..::Cupid’s Choke-hold::..

cupid2 So, it’s that time of year when halmark and florists are super geared up!  So why not endorse a lil mindless romanticism!  I went by perfect wardrobe to collect the pieces for this look and found the perfect cupid costume for 90l!~  Complete with a shoot-able bow and arrow  :D.  I think I will go around spreading love and hearts and feelings  after this post.  Aside from all the commercialism, valentines day is a time to be grateful for the love you have, whether it be  that special someone, a good friend or your family!  So cuddle up with your loved ones, indulge in chocolates, romantic movies and drape red roses around your house and give cupid some peace of mind 🙂  oh by the way look for the katie perry and Preston from Mindless behavior cameo in this video, before they were stars style!

Hair: Lelutka QCX hair blacks

Body suit, Glasses,Wings and Bow:  [PL] Stupid Cupid

Undershirt:~Blacklace~ Rissa: Red Leather & Lace Corset

Boots: Blueberry Shirlie Mesh Boots

Jewelry: ~Pepper~ Valentine Set –  -perfect wardrobe-

Poses: Focus: Valentines Day Set

Happy Valentine’s Day! xoxo Cait


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