Its 2013 and still winter lets get this thing started:))…

Happy New year my sexy peeps we have reached 2013 i feel it in my bones this  gonna be an amazing year it is its is you mark my words for this time next year you’ll see!

So lets get down to some blogging fashion well i went on my usual exploring sims to do photo shoots i came across this pretty sim  so i thought id start with a landscape pic

see i told ye it was pretty!!

see i told ye it was pretty!!

so today I felt kinda I should shop my inventory as I have had these clothes for ever  but never actually blogged them . they are still on the market if your worrying that not available still as I checked that all out for you

this outfit is inspired by war and camouflage and bringing a feminine touch to it but still with an edge .


soldier_lyes in the snow

soldier_sitting in snow


soldier_watcing dolphins

soldier bunka

IM loving this dress its really well made, as often as so many basic dresses made from this pattern arn’t a good fit and look cheap, i love the low cut of the back the fold back  cuffs and the small detail of a badge on the arm

the boots are my favorite at the moment and I am living in them soo sorry if there is a bad smell . I do seem to love boots that come up to the knee

The hair is from Emo-tions called brice

im sorry my piercings i wear all the time have been renamed and totally forgotten where they came from

The boots are from Dirtyland (I’m loving this store it has some really  quirky items in one u must check out) WTF Camo boots .. sculpted with resizer script ..( include an alfa )

my bracelets and necklace are from Mandala

and lastly the dress from Poison Army out dress

the poses in the cushion and the ballon i  was in where from What next


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