ok im gonna try do a fashion blog

ok we have two great fashion bloggers but I fancy giving it a try. So I thought id just take some pictures of the outfit I am wearing and see how it goes.

omg panic are my pictures good enough?  Is my outfit good enough to blog?? ooh this stuff I been toying with for a while, there soo many beautiful photographers  and such stylish peeps I wonder if I be any good at this,  but I am kinda fascinated to try and they do say if u don’t try  you will never know, soo, ok here goes are you ready for this??

Hazy Cygnet does her first fashion blog

from the front

from the front

I bought these wedge sneakers the other day  from Neurolab I love them the Gem-X Shoes., they were quite expensive  Futuristic ultra-sexy Shoes (100% Mesh), the details where highly realistic , in Carbon, Leather and metal. includes HUD customize with Unlimited Lights Colors Parts With 4 Channels and was simple to use , as often I find them too mind boggling.  You can Create an infinite number of unique lights color combinations to match your style.

Don’t laugh but they make a great sound when you walk in them, obviously I turn any of my shoes off as I hate that heel sound clip clopping across a sim  but these these beauties are very different they make a great sort rubber squelching sound and I left it on as it fascinates me. Soo even if for the sound you need to buy these heheheh

My skirt   a very short mini is from linc I do love this little skirt the stripes are in line ( which often striped outfits are  not matching up ughh hate that.) and a perfect fit.

The   gas mask T-Shirt is mesh from  corvus, now my problem is my computer isnt up to running firestorm at present soo am still running phoenix so can only wear one alpha at a time ,  I have to dedicate this to my shoes.  I do have problems finding mesh I can wear  with out the alphas, but if I shrink my boobs and wear the extra large I can, with well made  pieces just about get away with it.

my socks are from razorblade jacket they are thermal and keeping me warm with all these cold snowy sims about secondlife.

My locks are from Emo-tions . I love Emo-tions, they have hair for every occasion wether its role play , weddings , clubbing just hanging out  and looking the best of the bunch:)) ooh many many  types or just a hair addict ( like me) so  go go if you haven’t discovered Emo-tions yet be sure to check it out

so the other thing about me I am a total jewelry fiend . I probally over do it with the bling, but I love it  I am a pure jewelry addict. I wear loads in real and sl ‘shrugs’ its just me  so the necklace and the bracelets are from mandala

So this more or less completes my look and my first  fashion blog hope you like it and watch this space as me Cait and Miss Minx are planning a christmas special we still in the whispering stages but don’t miss out keep on following and clicking the like button  it means so much to us bloggers to get those few likes!! :))l

happy shopping sexy  peeps

poses hazy n cushion

watching the eles


3 thoughts on “ok im gonna try do a fashion blog

  1. Do not ever worry about if your pictures are good enough or your sense of style, as long as you have fun doing it, that in itself will capture a good audience. Your clothes are YOUR sense of style, you never know who you will inspire because staying inside of a box will only have people thinking meh she is ok. I loved this Hazy, because it was your first attempt, and you did it well. Have a great day.

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