Tis the wedding season’

well well well how wonderful was caits wedding, with a midsummer nights dream theme it was so beautiful done with pure style I must say, I had the honor of doing  the pictures, so once I got through my wave of sl being mean to me I started to snap , and snap and snap again til I managed to take 150 pics omg, then had to chose what to edit hahahah but I think they came out well . I show you in a sec.

The bridesmaids being myself Brandy , Sandra  and Sam I must say we did do a fantastic job :)) with such pretty dresses from sea hole. we all walked the isle before our bride ooh that as scary I never actually thought I would walk down the isle hehehhe, then Cait appeared and silence  struck as she looked stunning , I will not reveal where the bride got her dress as one never reveals a brides secrets!! But one tip I can add is I do know she combined two dresses together and to a fantastic result

weding im ready

weding preparing the bride

wedding i give u this ring...

wedding mr n mrs baily

wedding down the isle as husband adn wife . ooh and the officiate Mr Mat Fini well did a wonderful job to perfection as our mr Fini always does .So That was the wedding romantic ,pretty and done with no end of style with total attention to every detail, and now to the reception my dears 🙂

so Mat being the dj (goes with out saying as we know he the man for the job) played many romantic tunes always perfectly picked he really does do wedding djing  really well i suppose he done so many real that its second nature to him now he always has his own twist on it to make it his set  oh I better stop or he have a huge ol head 🙂

but the couples danced all loved up and those who wasn’t i.e. me as my other half was sleeping, I kicked my heels a bit and bugged the bride for cake picswedding thecouples dances wedding cake wedding cutting the cake

we had alil insident with poopie coming and asking the king to dance very funny as poor mat found this awkward and insisted he thought she was ronald macdonalds sister which lets face it she could have been but im more convinced it is pippi longstockings sister

wedding mat gets proposalsoo heres to Mr and Mrs Baily. A fantastic night one to be remembered and we look forward to two more weddings we have coming up  so watch this space


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