You be the beast and I’ll be the beauty.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner…prepare your waist bands.

Perfect Wardrobe’s theme this week is Thanksgiving and they have some really great festive items from some great designers. If you aren’t familiar with Perfect Wardrobe it’s a great event with items from different designers with a new theme every week. Teleport over and check it out!

First I have to say how much I love these antlers…seriously they are awesome and the pig tailed hair from Magika goes perfectly with them. Also, ::LEO-NT:: did a fantastic job with this scarf. It’s available in a few different colors and looks great on anyone. Also the rings and necklace are from the same store and fit perfectly into the theme of my outfit. I probably should get out of this forest now before my head joins Bambi’s Mom on a hunters wall somewhere…..Did you just hear gunshots?? *Runs*

Enjoy luvlies ❤

**I Just wanted to announce that our own lovely Brandy Fowler is opening up her store in world and on Marketplace any day now. Stay tuned for a future post highlighting the great items from HBIC. I can’t wait!**

Antlers: [*RD*] *Elite Autumn Antlers* Available at Perfect Wardrobe!
Hair: Magika [03] Little
Face Paint: DeeTaleZ Makeup Special Nativa American *Predator* Available at Perfect Wardrobe!
Scarf: ::LEO-NT:: Braid Knit-Muffler Set [Mesh]
Necklace: ::LEO-NT:: My Deer ❤ Necklace
Sweater: d. Select Tops long winter sweater white
Leggings: d. Select Pants woll tights grey diamond
Boots: *!t :: Lodge boots
Nails: [Mandala] NAIL PALETTE 1 Medium
Rings: ::LEO-NT:: My Big Bubble Ring

Natalia Kills – Wonderland


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