If you walk off the side of the pier, behold what you find under there…


Dbloc deepsea diver

What  the divers found was hard for them to believe, There  was a whole world of  the most beautiful Mer people any one could possibly imagine , there was music from the dj mat fini, they danced and somersaulted swimming in circles this I think was known as the under water FMC

sandra masked and prepared for the world about to be transformed before her very eyes

sandra and Whitney joined in with the mer people and danced the night away

and they danced !!!!

B well he never expected he might actually fall for one of these Mer women!!

and he fell for her as her bright pink hair flowed as she somersaulted amongst the rocks!!

izzy and brandy


The lure these mer women had was unstoppable







As the diver stayed thru the night they began to grow Gills


They began to relax on the rocks as the night came to the end

The Mer men where strong and silent as the observed the seduction to the divers

the divers and mer people began to be friends as there worlds entwined

So this was under water Fmc october 2012

WE party like this every friday night any number of themes ,any one can come , from 500 lindens plus on the board usually nearing 1000 lindens and this is shared with the top 3 best costumes

Mat Fini is the dj playing a range of tunes from hip hop modern and old school , to rock , pop even a lil country for those that indulge he happy to take requests  and has a huge array of music as he plays from vinyl  soo has the edge with the true sounds of a real dj:))

so please come and party with us we look for ward to seeing you friday from 3 pm slt







Post by Hazy cygnet

pictures also by Hazy from Cygnet Photography if youd like a picture contact either Hazy Cygnet or Brandyfowler aka Brandy Cygnet in world with a note card as ims get capped

If your not the partying type just come and explore our beautiful sim pick up the lm hud and see what we have to offer




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