what an exciting week we have had

well its all been going on this week  first of all we opened a fmd – full moon designs  in the ghetto , now Fmd is hugely important to us as it drastically helps toward our tier all donations are hugely appreciated  and if u make any thing and want to donate an item that will help advertise your collection with a link to your store or how people can get in touch whit you contact either me- Hazy Cygnet , mat Ronin or Whitney Glendale and we can get you set up . In the top oneyou will find some cool gestures  made by the king himself,a custom tip jar soo what ever you want , and profile pics where im doing an introductory offer of one for 200l and buy two pics get third free.

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Finite%20Fini/176/95/3504 this if for the ghetto store

this one is for main store down on main sim where we a few samples of the pictures i take we have some t shirts and dresses come and check it out


ok then we had an embracement on thursday, which was for CupCake who is Robs minion and she hasnt been in sl long but she was soo eager to turn vampire and has learnt to sl walk as it were so how could we refuse

Her liege bites  his minion leaving just a drop for the royals.

the duchess jumps and takes a good healthy bite :))

The prince prepares to bite this sweet young human

The queen pushes her victim to the ground and drinks her sweet blood

Sadly she didnt rise this time and I soo wish she did as I know it would have been soo exciting to cupcake but sooo be it .

But with most the royals being late as usul , lol, but it turned out that we ha a good amount of royals and clan came to watch and of coarse  we ended the embracement with wait for it dun dun dun THE DOUGIE!!!

let me teach you how to DOUGIE!!!

family come dow from the galleries and dougie with the royals

The Queen and Kimmy show them how to DOUGIE

Now on wednesday was sandra our dear ducheses 4th rez day yes i said 4 she really is this old :)) and to celebrate we held FMC in the palace with a medieval theme  and what a great night we had  mat djed for 4 hours and a brilliant set as always can never fault our KIng he really is soo attentive to all our musical needs , he really willl whom ever ‘s party it is have the music they like and always pics his tunes soo carefully can never fault him on that , so for Sandra’s party was mixture of the old cheesy 80s tunes which we all know and love – we are family, Im a survivor  and many more classics , we had a lil country and the usual very sweet love songs he picks or his girl always brings a tear to ones eyes.

all the family made this such a special event

Layla shakin it medieval style

The prince looking very gallant

The rezday girl

happy birthday to our Duchess

Lady Brandy

so a brilliant night was had and mat took in tips 13000 soo this will go very thankfully towards tier he was over the moon said he has never taken so much in djing tips before ,

it goes to show with a great turn out how well it brings in the tips and how much this helps to run the tier so thank you every one for making our Duchesses night a special one to remember.



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