Caitlin’s Birthday and another fabulous FMC

What a fun night was had by all :))

Caitlins real Birthday  is always alott of fun, last year Sandra organized Caits party and was a great theme so this year also had  to be equally as good  soo at the beginning of the week we all discussed themes after a numerous amount of ideas thrown around Cait came up with Elements,  well we all loved it straight away.

The costumes were brilliant , I had alotta fun editing them. I now beginning to take them out of the club back ground as flicker and  fb is full of people dancing pictures I know I always find this pretty boring to look at , so I am trying to be alil more creative with the pictures . I hope you enjoy them.

Mat dj a great set as always playing requests and old requests that people have asked for over their time coming to fmc , mat memory for families request is incredible but thats what makes mat such  a  great  and fun dj, as he will cater for his audience  and not what he would choose to play , his interaction with the  crowd is great he very attentive and this makes for such a fun night , and I suppose coming up to three years is why our FMC are soo popular, not to mention the 1000l prize for best 3 costumes,

So again a fantastic Fmc a great theme Cait And a very happy Birthday here to another year of much fun and happiness.

I hope you all enjoy the pics if you do please remember to like at the bottom of the post, if your not following us click that follow button at the  bottom right corner .

Cait , Birthday girl

Rox and her two kids Flame and PJ

Clea and another fabulous costume

Sam looking soo pretty as Fire

CLea and Brandy as wood sprites

Me as Phoenix , Fire bird

At the end of the night we did a photo shoot Lol soo many big costumes was really hard to do I still need to work on the pictures I done as not totally happy with them but is what I got so far

the Elements all together for a group picture not an easy task I might add

Post and pictures By Hazy Cygnet


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