we have a cool new gesture store in the ghetto

GBO gestures and upstairs LRH clothing.

for all your gesture needs , walkers  you have to come check out this store and cute mesh dresses and tops

All have demos so you can try before you buy.

 ฬєℓℓ I’м αs sєгious αs αη ム丂丂ム丂丂I刀ムイIO刀

ムωω ץou ∂єα∂ คցαin?

♬I’m so ムlone♬ ♬Here on my Øwn♬ ♬And I am waiting for you to ¢ome♬    

(°_o)/¯ ωτғ Ĥαρρєиє∂ -(°_o)/¯     

is a small sample of a few that you will find in the store

now once you have filled your gesture needs to the absolute max be sure to nip up the stairs and you will find some clothing

now i always have an issue with mesh as most the large size dont fit over my boobs and have to alter my shape

but these tops in this store fit beautifully didnt have to alter at all and thats brilliant i soo love that

The top only 50 lindens

Another really well fitting dress 5o lindens

There is a midnight mania board just inside the door,and a lucky balloon outside the store for if the letter of your name is the right letter you win a prize soo come on down

checkout this store and other we have on sim



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