In Romany we own the road. The land the hills the forest everything we are the guardians of nature and the spirits of change who rule the wherever we are. The fruit of our wombs are many, and often their play and laughter is heard by many as their natural joy overflows. Our dogs are fierce, loyal and forever by our sides in every thing we do . Our horses are the finest stock ever to grace the earth, powerful majestic beasts, smart and gentle enough for our children to ride without fear, yet courageous enough to bear our warriors into battle with those who would dare to resist us. Who are we ?
We are known in your tounge as gypsy people you may hate for we are everywhere yet no where at the same time but we are Merchants of travel and traders like no other.

My child hood memories are filled with the smell of seasoned meet sizzling on the fire, filling the air with a fragrance so mixed with sweet and sour that the the smell of the smoke was pale in my memories. Elders and youth drank freely the ale we crafted with our own hands each batch seemed better and stronger than the one before. Laughter and stories filed our hearts with joy. I in my prime a woman strong of mind body and purpose first felt the call of my destiny for i was genetically chosen by my birth to be the next great healer of mind and flesh. the one in the family who had the ability to do alchemy

My true journey began one spring as we broke camp and I lead the train of my clan with Magpie beside me as she pulled the caravan on to the first place as we broke winter camp. with children laughing and running along the road and our family streached out along the road behind me
as I rounded a bend and the road parted the woods before me I felt it once more
as the sun passed behind some thick clouds I felt it again and Magpie stopped as if fear gripped her heart as it once had mine
many times in my sleep my mind was visited by a cloaked presence.

for a 1000 years there beeen voices warning of the coming , he is lord of the shadows he emerges every 1000 years gathering vampire,lycan,human,demon or drow ushering a newdarkage for supernatural beings with the offer of an eternl life
i awoke cold and trembling. heart racing and small drops of blood sprinkling from my neck….
fear struck me but deeper longing that made my body ache as I stumblled back into the edge of the woodlands I could see my caravan, I touched my neck and blood ran thro my fingers I had now become …


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