New Guardians in Full Moon

Greetings Family and happy weekend to all!

Last night we celebrated Tomsen’s 3rd rez day on sl, my he is getting old :)~  We had a red and white Fini event in honor of our Canadian born resident.  King Mat surprised Tom with the announcement that he has made Royal guardian.  Tom has been an active, friendly and dedicated face in Fini for some time and has always been a generous soul!  Congrats to a cherished friend!

A second appointment was made as Brandy Cygnet was promoted to Guardian as well!  Brandy has added so much to clan through her commitment, recruitment and genuinely lovely character.  Congrats Brandy, well done girly!

These two so deserve the roles and Ican’t wait to see all they will continue to bring to our home!  So excited!

Photo’s of the event to come soon!


2 thoughts on “New Guardians in Full Moon

  1. Brandy and Tom I am so excited for you! You both have done so much to deserve this and you are incredible. Happy Rez Day you Canadian!

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