We Have stores in the ghetto

You reallly should if u havent already come check out what we have in the ghetto

we have Rotten apple with really nice cheap clothing  some cute dresses , couch wraps, bikinis all between 10l and 50l great price  what u waiting for:))


cooch wrap 50l

Cooch wrap 50 l
Imma find some bugs in here!!

cooch wrap 50l


Then we have Asylem

omg wtf shirt 30l and shorts 35l

they do unisex shirts, shorts , jeans  i am loving the shirts usually i have issues wiht unisex items but these shirts fit nice and i love the way they look my favorite  is the chaos one , but there is a big middle finger  t shirt , insane all come in eitha white n black or red and black all look great.

Chaos shirt 30l

finger and insane shirt

some really cool fedoras checkered  I love these if i was a guy i d wear one for sure sadly my hair wont allow :((

come check it out am sure there is some thing for every one all really reasonable price .


cute lepoard print dresses, glittery dresses  some really cute stuff all reasonable prices

guys shirts for 75l

tats 75l

Skank shirt 75l

sarcasm and gangster myself shirt 75l each



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