Photo contest

This a cool contest is for a vampire theme u need to have a flicker account and go to the sim


This is the rules for the contest

Illuminati Domus: Paradise Lost presents:***Vampires Photo Contest*** 4th June – 6th July 2012

Find your inner vamp in our fun new Flickr photo contest! You don’t have to be a vampire, or a member of the Illuminati Domus family in order to enter our contest, and you can take your inspiration from legend, novels, films, whatever you wish. Be creative and have fun! Your photo must be taken at Paradise Lost island and include vampires as its theme, in order to be eligible to enter the contest.

SLurl to Paradise Lost:

Dates of the contest
June 4th – July 6th 2012

1st prize – $1500L
2nd prize – $1000L
3rd prize – $500L

How to enter
1. Take photos of yourself and/or others in a vampire theme on Paradise Lost island, and post them in the Illuminati Domus:Paradise Lost Flickr group:

The contest is being held in the Illuminati Domus:Paradise Lost flickr group. You may enter as many times as you wish and the contest is open to everyone in SL.

*All entrants must follow these rules otherwise they will be disqualified.*

2. Photo editing is allowed, but not essential. Feel free to experiment with any inworld effects you can create – SL’s shadows, depth of field and windlight effects – at your leisure and take the most imaginative and creative shots of Paradise Lost Vampires that you can. If you want to try editing, and you don’t have software, you can download GIMP editing software for free You can also use to edit work quickly and easily. There are many other free editing websites available too if you want to give it a go.

3. Your pics can be in any style you wish, as long as they are to do with vampires and are taken on Paradise Lost. Use your imagination! Will you be Count Dracula; an ancient Egyptian vampire; a Victorian one? a modern vampire?!

NB – The roleplaying Vampires in the Illuminati Domus family are “enlightened” vampires who try to fight against their evil origins, many were tricked into becoming vampires when they were new to SL and they never bite anyone who has not shown an interest in being bitten! But anyone can enter this contest and dress up as Paradise Lost vampires or find some vampires to take photos of!

The photos can include any vampire themes, and do have fun, but please, don’t include anything that could be described as pornographic or that contains too much gore!! (The flickr group is not an “over 18” group. If you have any questions, please contact me.)

4. The title for each of your contest entries to the Flickr Illuminati Domus: Paradise Lost group should be:
“Paradise Lost Vampires – Contest Entry” – you can add a subtitle as well if you wish. If you don’t include this as your title, your entry will not be accepted for the contest. If you include more than one entry, please number each entry or give each one a subtitle as well as the main title.

5. Only the three winning photographers who enter on flickr will receive the prizes. If you choose to share your prize with the person/people in the photograph/s this is up to you. The Judges’ decision is final.

6. The closing date is final, anything submitted after this time will not be accepted.

7. The winning photos will be chosen by a panel of judges. By entering the contest you agree to allow Illuminati Domus to display your work on Paradise Lost Island.

8. The three winners will be announced on Flickr and the Illuminati Domus inworld group on July 8th, and the prizes given on this date as well.

Good Luck!

SLurl to Paradise Lost:

Any questions, please send me a flickrmail
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This is a cool contest open ur flicker account and get taking the pictures and show what cool vamps u really are
hugs Hazy
P .S only two days till the draw soo hurry and get editing:))

Flamming demon



Pictures by Hazy

These are a few that I have entered


One thought on “Photo contest

  1. and to top it all i blinking won the comp i cant belive it , i won with my top picture Flaming demon and won 1500 soo i bought a nother load of props and photog poses am gonna take this global now:)) hahahah loves u all xxxxx

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