Naamon’s Turning

This wednesday evening we embraced our brother Naamon as one of the eternal undead!  It was an epic night and one of our highest attended turnings ever!  We balanced the event of with a mixture of fun and silly and dark and mystical.  Willow threatend to cut Naamon several times during the turning, Sandra lashed out and beat him quite badly as she took his blood, some of us were gentle as his love Rosie watched on in horror and anticipation.  King Mat finished him off and he rose!   Looking all bad ass vamp Naamon~!  Super excite because I know he will be a wicked vamp and great hunter.  Congrats brother and welcome to eternity!  Now…. lets dougie….hey smooooth, can you teach me how to dougie????  Why? Cause all the girls love me….Image

The Royals prepare

caitlin bites

Caitlin prepares to bite Naamon


he transfix on his next victim


Over excited prince

Naamon to his knees

The Duchess prepares to bite 

she shows no mercy

she launches her attack

The Queen and her minion

The Queen sinks her fangs

The king makes him shake in terror

The final bite

his liege take the last of humanity..

“Drink my sweet revenant”

he begins to rise…

the transformation is complete

Now we dougie

The newly turned vampire dougies with his girl

and they dougie till dawn , well kinda lol :))

article written by Countess Caitlin and Pictures by Queen Hazy


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