we got raided by cereal:((

we got raided by cereal

they dicuss tacticts

this cereal is a killer dont be fooled

the apple jacks must die

it jumps too

This was another fun week in war , started the week off with my rezz day and partying in the arena with a couple of 187 oo :))

had a good week of taking bases n pylons . The highlight of the week was these cereals taking our base they were soo damned funny me and Brandy soo was in love with them . soo my word of warning they cute but they are killers be warnwed as i will only warn you once :))

jerek gets it in safe

the warriors of full moon :))

Warrior Shaina , officer Willow and commander Hazy

Rezz day party

Brandy the killer

Am soo proud of what our army is becoming, we some reallly good dedicated loyal soldiers and am soo proud to watch u all grow.

All the officers are doing a fantastic job as is a really important role. and no doubt bin the mebers that have these roles.

Dbloc our long standing captian has worked ultra hard building the base , the strong hold and gerally recruiting training organising raids , banning ppl who need banning and dealing with any drama that arises ur a star Dbloc and really none this be possible with out you and is why u been made general, is long over due Thank you d:)) xxxx

Dbloc is made General

We now have a fly zone in the arena soo from safe go up the stairs and from there after is a fly zone, there is another safe there, we havent as yet worked out to wether flight assist can or cant be used soo we need to come to that desision.

We also now have a strong hold and a few selected one have the full details of it . but it definatly making the base more fun and worth the fight to protect it :))

The new fly safe zone

So in all a busy couple of weeks but am buzzing is kicking and full moon warriors is back on the map xxx




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