Partying the 50s way

sam looking fantastic on her birthday

Dbloc the dandy

oops caught her back end rofl!!!

yay got her !! Shaina and Cait

King and Duchess twist again

Worringly I think he is picking off those flowers . Naamon and Rosie

Jaydi n Hazy getting it

Cait looking as pretty as always

Full Moon sisters boogie till the cows come home!!!

sam wins first prize

Fantastic night great Theme , every one as always gets into character , I set out the dinner chairs n tables and mat n sandra got the juke box and the dinner pics the club looked great just outta grease .

ooh my we had a few grease tracks but a 50s night with out impossible lol. I even managed to get mat to play 1 cramps song yay ,

but the usual tunes and the  romantic one for Sandra wouldnt be fmc with out now :))

we also announced the two new counteeses Caitlin and Willow who both more than deserve the role soo am happy at last for them both to get it  well done guys keep up the great work xxxx

I done things the other way round tonight pictures first then wrote not sure why but there u have it,

Blog By Hazy . Pictures also by Hazy


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