Krazy Fini Theme Party

Wooooooooooooooooooooo  Last night was a rocking evening and one of the most fun in a while.  We went random and Krazy in celebration of our beloved Krazy Swags aka lil Krazy/ Big Krazy aka bbg aka will make you laugh anyday!   Krazy is our newest to take on the Jester role of Full Moon Clan and this is the perfect job for such a fun silly and witty girl.  Our previous jester titles were miss Whitney Glendale and miss Willow Melune, as willow stepped into her guardian role she passed the jester title to krazy! Good Choice and congrats Kraz!

The show was super fun and the costumes hilarious, Shaina was a sumo wrestler, Tinsly was  katy perry, there were multiple royal mad hatters, and Marc actually wore a purple tutu and stalkings!  So who won?…. tutu clad Marc of course followed by Willow and Krazy! Marc hit me up for your free pic, but please wear the tutu 😀

who knows what i’m doing but it involves tea clearly

Willz and Shaina getting wild

Suba Mandra


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