Death returns to Full Moon

Hanna has been lieged to me for a couple months now , after our random meeting in our club one night when no one was about , she was in full moon when she was Deaths minion but we never meet her as death liked to keep himself to his self  we didnt get to meet too mnay of his minons ,

soo I bumped into Hanna and brought her to join the rest of the family , she immediately became one the family and has settled in and become a very defiant full mooner.

I spoke to Death greymoon about a month ago he agreed that we can arrange a swap for her soul,but then he hardly been on line , so I waited patiently , knowing that the time would come when is gonna happen, then other night Hanna ims me “Hazy Deaths on line!” soo I msg him and he replys with of coarse , I told him I was going to check my bloodlines page and find him a swap , he insists that I may just have her no swap ,

what a nice gesture  on his part , so with Hanna making us laugh while I reap and bring her soul back home to rest

welcome home Hanna

reaping from death for hanna’s soul

Hanna’s soul returns to full Moon


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