Crazy Fmc

In honor of Krazy getting the title of  Full Moon Jester , This for those who don’t know has been handed down, originally from Whitney to Willow, with Willow having gained Guardian  thought it only right to hand over, there was no debate who this should go to , soo in honor  of the jester this full moon friday was a crazy party for our dear full moon Jester Krazy.

some  really random crazy outfits , from deepsea divers , to ducks , to stitch to cheshire cat to large rasta hats soo much more , marc got first prize in his sexy purple girlies outfit (not sure what the hell you would call it),  second place to willow and Tinsley coming in third place ,

mat played a crazy set with the weirdest of mash ups, a fun night was had by all. Some old faces  showed up which is always great to see , with our dear Rosie   who is always on good form and fun to party with , our lovley Sherri and not to forget our countess Sam. 3 family members  who been with full moon along time  but not been in sl a huge amount but always been loyal, major parts of full moon soo when ever they do come in game is like they never left ,3 very prominent figures was great to have them party with us love you guys xxxx

ok so here the pictures

The King and Duchess go deepsea

Brandy looking popalicious!!!


Hazy n waggwan

Hazy n Krazy

Krazy taking the outfits by storm

Full Mooners get Crazy


Krazy Stitch

Tinsley 3 rd prize

willow chills in her giraffe …

Marc gets first prize

Havoc does Duck

The cheshire cat


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