Sandra Fini Named Dutchess

The lovely Mrs Fini has had a change in titles! Last night she gave up her Princess tag in exchange for the title of Full Moon Dutchess 🙂  Sandra and Mat have been married for some time and it seems like an appropriate role plus now we don’t need to have that awkward conversation with new members on why our king is married to our princess hehe!  Looking forward to potential openings in the royal family as far as guardians and new countess and princess potentials!  Love you family and congrats my dear Dutchess 🙂

Our dutchess and dem babies 😀


4 thoughts on “Sandra Fini Named Dutchess

  1. i love my family too , we so got a tight thing going on , when i look at other clans they have nothing on us
    i count myself as lucky for all we got it rocks

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