Willow Melune Named Royal Guardian!


It is my pleasure to announce (on the blog) that our lovely and long time sister Willow has been added to the royals!  Last night the group met and in a unanimous decision, decided it was time Willow became a Guardian.  Willow has been wonderful for clan, being a constant presence,strong member, events DJ, events planner and manager to list only a few of the ways she has contributed to our home.  I am so excited to have another active guardian in clan.  This was truly well deserved!

After Willow was told about her promotion what else was there to do? the dougie of course followed by some gyrating dance ala thanks to Countess Whitney!  Again Congrats Willow 😀

Again a coulpe pictures i took i will add to Caits blog XXX

King Mat and princess sandra

Willow accepts the news She is to be a royal Guardian 🙂

Hazy gets over excited:))

And the royals dougie …..


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