Full Moon Friday: Leather and Lace!

Image Hey Family,

We started off the weekend with an awesome Fini Friday event.  It was a celebration for our lovely sister Bella and she picked the theme, well sort of, mat ruled out bondage… don’t know why?  King Mat had been sick so it was our first in a couple weeks and you could tell it was missed as many showed up to stop by!

Mat played amazing songs as the full mooners danced in their sexy leather and lace clad outfits.. rawwrrr 😀  Mat and our princess Sandra also celebrated their official one year as a couple anniversary so the sappy love songs got us all 🙂

At the end of the night the contest winners were announced and this week our lovely Shaina took top vote! Congrats lady!  Also I, Cait, announced that I would like to do a free photo for the weeks top winner of our Full Moon Friday events as well !  Super excited to play with my new found gimp skills, i will post the pic I did of Shaina.  Also I will post the winners photo to the blog each week 🙂

Anyway, as always an amazing night.  Love to you all!


the King and princess celebrate there first year together . may there be many more

Brandy looking as pretty as a picture

Just added a couple pictures I had from the leather and lace night loves you all thanx Cait great Blog xxxxx


One thought on “Full Moon Friday: Leather and Lace!

  1. Thanx cait , and yes shaina won god job shaina spend them lindens wisley:)) loves you all xxxx Hazy xxxx

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