Birth of Fini Royalty

So if you haven’t noticed King Mat and Princess Sandra have been slightly close and I would officially like to reveal their hidden romance.  i know people it’s an absolute shocker!   but is time the cat was let out of the bag,  jokes aside Mat and Sandra have been a sickeningly 🙂 happy couple for over a year now and last night around 5 slt the long awaited Birth of their TWO daughters took place.  Welcome to Fini Alana (K)Cate (Can we compromise on the spelling bc C’s kick K’s arse!) and Lara Fini.  Two beautiful bouncing girls with blond hair and blue eyes were welcomed into clan.  Congrats to the happy couple… mat you so love prim babies now!  I am so excited to be an auntie and for the both of you:D  Oh and welcome welcome

lil Pumkin Bears!  High Muthafini FIVE.  ~~~~Four Finis~~~~

All my love and best wishes

❤ Cait


6 thoughts on “Birth of Fini Royalty

  1. Yay Thank you Cait They are all doing very well. Sandra has gone away to recover when she returns she will be fit as a fiddle In the mean time i’m on full time baby sitting duties. That means Full Moon friday Djing with Babies in tow : ))

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