King’s Rezz Day

This was a fun night , with kings love for weed and to be honest most of us also we  had a weed party.

Dblocs set was mainly reggae and dubstep and all songs were about weed he did well to keep this up for omg  I no idea for how many hours as I did pass out at the rolling table only to be woken up by that nasty gesture WAKE UP ughh always makes me jump outta my skin.

King arrived and loved every minute even to give whitney the rules ” if u wanna smoke with me”  which was hilarious, hope she noted the points.

I got a few pics or me rolling , king rolling and Brandy on the pole and a few dancing , didnt get too many as passing out made it dificult to take snaps :))

And the rez day boy rolls

and rolls

and rolls!!!

dbloc djing and soo in his element

Brandy climbs the pole

Tinsley and Dbloc

The family smoking and grooving

and they just soo look amazing as always

twinnys getting it and bonging it!!!!

Cazzie looks red hot as alaways

the queen rolls!!!

awaits a dance

dbloc gets it with the queen rolling behind

she got the moves

written by hazy xxx


3 thoughts on “King’s Rezz Day

  1. The photography you posted was brilliant! I love the color and textures that are so prominent in these pictures. My name is Rischa and I’m going research on the way people think about drinking and smoking cigarettes and pot. Research is important to me because providers use studies like this one to make decisions about our healthcare. The survey is 100% anonymous and should take about 15 minutes. You can also get involved by telling people about this study!

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