we have had 1 375 hits woot woot

thats soo cool  we have 276 followers and 1 375 hits omg thank you soo much all that is following us makes it all that more worth while to know ur all out there  some time I wonder if any one ever really looks but apparently you do loves u all xxxxxx:))

I am going to add a category of places we like in sl soo if any u  know of any cool sims u like us to blog about let me, as in Hazy, Mat or Cait know and we do our best to check it out, and if u have any ideas of what u would like to see in here let us know.

If ur in full moon clan and you would like to write also let us know and we add you to the authors so make a wordpress account and hit us up :))

ok but for now THANK YOU again and keep on hiting us up and Be sure to leave your comments as I so love them comments

thank you am so exited so many hits hehehe ok I shut the hell up now

loves ya all xxxx Hazy xxxxx

Dbloc did this pic and I thought was cute so just added it to the this post as its as random as the post :))


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