Ele the elephant was the star of the show !!!

Val and Ren watch as the celebrations take place

looking tho the carousal

Tinsley looking pretty as a picture

sandra tames the wild animals LOL!!!!

Hazy balancing on Ele head


Prince and Dbloc and child






























































It was Mat our kings birthday me and sandra wanted to make it a night he would remember , so our idea was to turn the ghetto into a fair ground , this was not an easy mission but with all the clan pulling together it came together so well and went as smoothly as it possibly could

To build the fair ground we needed about 3000 primms spare so we asked the renters if they could take up some there personal primms , which all did and the night before we started to build the fair ground every one found there carnival costumes

The big day comes , laughs as I think about it but I banned Mat from the sim soo he couldn’t try and sneak a peak, he left a message on facebook saying I cant believe my brothers n sisters have had me banned  , He did know we were doing some sort of party for him soo he wasn’t really mad PHew!!!

We all got ready then hid in one the tents, me and Sandra waited for Mat outside and sandra tpped him, he was speachless for about 10 mins  and every one gesterbated happy Birthday mat was soo funny

Dbloc did the first half of the set and announced that any money donated today would go to Mat which was a really nice gesture.

Ren Djed after dbloc and well what more can I say about the night I think the pictures say most of wehat happend

But I will say was a briliant night Mat loved it, and want to thank all of clan for pul;ling together and making this night happen  , as Mat does soo much for us was really nice to be able to give back and show him how much we al love our king and appreciate what he does for us.

Long live the KIng:))!!!!!













Shaina lookin all evil

Cait awaits the next dance

King mat dances with a smile on his face

Blakk and Ele the elephant

DADA!!!!!! as if by magic

OUR Birthday boy enjoying his night

Demon Bella

queen Hazy

Marc the bear does his dancing act


Cait and whitney the two of the three jesters