how to role play

here is a short guide to help those that are starting out to role play

enjoy xxx

What Is role play?

Role play in secondlife your avatar is your character, the sim is your stage and you are the actor.

Role-playing is when participants determine the actions of there character and collaboratively create stories.

Role-playing isn’t a competition to who has the best stories or whom looks the best or who is the strongest it is strictly enjoying what each person has created and combining it all together and have fun with it and weaving a grander story with the other players. It requires  a strong level of separation between actor ( you) and character ( the avatar)  you need to think not in terms of how you would cope in a situation but how your character would cope in this situation. it is known as getting into character.

Good role play is not about big long sentences and big fancy words it is definitely the quality not the  quantity.

getting started

1.Read through and rules for that particular sim and any guide lines there might be

  1. Spend quality time writing your backstory
  2. have a good look around the sim and get your bearings and familiarize your self with the lay of the land and any main points of interest
  3. Get the right look for the role , this is possible to do this cheaply by hunting market place and or the freebie stores .
  4. For Full Moon contact any royals or members with full moon tags and any will be happy to advise with any questions and setting you on to  the right path , this is important for those new to role play
  5. Set your roleplay limits, think about what you are happy with doing and what you are not comfortable in acting out. alot of people put there limits in the profile ‘picks’
  6. Don’t be afraid to make friends in ims and communicate with other players is a big part of the fun is making new friends
  7. Take time to observe other roleplayers, watch how they do it, take as long as you need till you feel comfortable.

Tips for making your role play more fun

please take time to read or find out the rules of a sim common sense rules will apply to all but each sim will have specific rules so for things to run smoothly take time to find out what is or what isnt aceptable.

enhance your posts with emoting! Emoting is the supportive and descriptive text that enhances your characters speech.

An emote describes the persons position, mood ,orientation, attitude, appearance,emotions and movements.

to emote, start by typing “/me” which is a prefix that adjusts the format of your text to read in a literal sense. Then follow it by an emote about your character and perhaps some words. Note that emotes should be spoken in THIRD person format.

posting , remember that not all type fast and sometimes may take longer to post something, draft your post then wait for the response of others  involved, it is considered rude to not wait your turn in a role-play scene.

there is no right or wrong amount of text , but be aware it is impolite to leave a scene that has been initiated with out ample time for the other person to post, if that person has not fired of their post , politely ask them in im if they still working on a post . getting impatient and stalking of  after a couple of min is defiantly poor form.

Understand that your actions consequences come. if your mean to some one, you go some where dangerous, or break a law there are often consequences. now if you dont want to get into a bind be careful what you make your character do. if you are rude to a pack of lycans be prepared that they will attack and maybe capture you if this is beyond your limits  do not cross these lines and don’t get your self into these situations,

don’t allow your character to provoke then ‘cry wolf’ is considered bad form .

but ultimately role-playing is about having fun and enriching your secondlife enjoy , be respectful of others and have fun with it.


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