Fairytale Fini

what a fun night what with the having to restart sim at the beginning and the first half hour being quiet tunred out to be a really fun night .

some brilliant costumes With our king and his girl as brare rabbit and fox that was hilarious they had to stay on the stage as they where so lil and might have got trod on but couple dancing was the cutest thing ever.

King Mat Fini

KIng mat Fini and Countess sandra Fini couple dancing hehehehehe

omg they are sooooo cute

Then we had Prince dbloc who was a frog prince now this was an obvious thing to do but he done it soo well he had a brilliant lil froggy avatar and a crown which I gave him and he kept up the role play of the froggy most of the night never once leaving character of croaking and eating flys and asking his girl to kiss him as he didn’t want to be stuck, was very funny

The frog Prince Dbloc with King Mat Fini

The frog prince dbloc himself

me well I always have to go a lil  different I didn’t want to be red ridding hood or a princess so I went a  snake queen , I figured there must be a fairy tale some where in the world about a snake queen, then as i was dressing of coarse it dawned on me that Medusa is a mythology soo similar to a fairytale  soo is what  went as

Queen Hazy as snake Queen

Snake Queen getting it

So then we had a lotta other people   that were looking fantastic every one made a great effort soo here are the pictures…

lil Cuppy looking as edible as always

Rosey as pocahuntas and our lovely photographer for these blog pictures

Marc and Brandy looking like the love birds that they are

Hanna all angelic.

jimmay as Alice.

Icis and Nate looking fine in blue

Carlee all pretty in purple like alil princess

our Countess Hot

bella in her beautiful dress

Well done to the winners of the contest board best in fairy tale Caitlin first prize , then Brandy  second and Dbloc our Frog Prince in third a nice  prize which stared at 500 lindens and ended up at 2000 lindens which was split up between the three of them and all well deserving of the prize

Next week contest is best in 80s dance gear omg  spandex here we come ughhhh lol may I remind all that any one is welcome  family are welcome to invite any of there frineds that might not be in clan and any one not in clan or associated with  are all welcome .

and would like to thank our lovely Rosey for the gorgeous pictures as always a wonderful job xxxx

thanx Hazy Cygent

marc and brandy looing like prince Charming and Cinderella


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