St patricks night at Full Moon club

What  a fun night dj Mat fini doing his stuff playing requests and his usual getting it soo right tunes.with Dj Willz playing some fast irish tunes made me wanna pogo took me back to my punk days 🙂

Some great outfits  started with 500 lindens on the board I think it ended up with 1200 in the end and was won by willow , lil Fire and Kimmy well done guys great costumes

The club decorates with balloons and a few signs and generally a great fun night

Here are the pictures

jig part2

jig part 3

jig part 4 lol

Havoc n smash

Rosie and Shaina geting it

Rosie looking gorgeous

Whit n Cait

our dear sweet kimmy

just all looking damned sexy n green

Queen Hazy and lil Kimmy shakin it

Hazy looking like plant

rocket and jaydi

Sandra looking the drop dead gorgeous fini that she is

Bella with Prince Dbloc in the distance

our sweet prince Dbloc looking like he ready for the next greifer

Willow who I think won the first prize this St Patricks night