Pajama party for FMC




This was a fun night all in our craziness of our interpretation of our pjs lol me Hazy in my giraffe slippers and omg idk what u call it but to sleep in it i think would be hugely uncomfortable

Malak and Coco always coordinate so well and were in lion king pjs and looked so cute

Rosie looking as sexy as ever in her lingerie.

Mat and Sandra also coordinated with penguin pjs of coarse what else would they be in but the funny thing so many animal pjs maybe a lil worrying heheheh

but a great night was had by all much laughter , and to remind every one even tho this is a clan family night also any one is welcome to come and join the fun Dj Mat fini will take requests and   reads his crowed well and always gets the music so right.

looking so cute the lion pair