Here you are family the pictures form the masquerade ball

I hope this will be a yearly spot and fun to be had for many years to come it was a first in full moon but the first of many I hope/

Every one made such a great effort to dress up and as we all know formal dresses are not the cheapest of things soo well done every one a beautiful show was made by all.

The costumes where stunning and a great night was had by all I think will be a popular event in years to come

If any one else has any more pictures please do send in to me > Mat our King or Caitin out guardian any us can post things soo hand them over Β and lets document this special occasion ,

I think mat is editing the recordings and the vid that whit did the intervieaws interviewing all as they came in on the red carpet . looking forward to seeing these.

where my prince oops king I mean !!

Family looking amazing

found one for the min any way lol!!!!

such beautiful costumes and masks

gorgeous dress and mask

lil pinkster

oh my what is she doing??


14 thoughts on “Here you are family the pictures form the masquerade ball

  1. thanx all that made comments its important to us to be making this blog what u wall wanting to see and help us with it any ideas let us know if u don’t say we don’t know
    hugs loves u all
    hazy xxx

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