Whitney makes Countess and Cait makes Guardian

What a pleasure it is to announce the promotion of these two sisters.
Whitney has been the Full Moon Jester for some time but has also been loyal for a year and worked very hard at bringing in some quality members

Cait has also shown nothing but loyalty since she joined a year ago and stayed with us even tho a few of her friends left a few months ago.

Cait stood by what was right and with whom she felt was the most genuine.

We were very impressed by this and even tho she had pressures from different sources she still stayed and for that reason I cant think of anyone better to be our head guardian..

There will always be positions to be gained at FINI but these two sisters have proven above and beyond the hard work and dedication that is required.
Congratulations ladies….We are sooo proud

yes I had to add my lil bit yes very proud of both these girls they both more than deserve these roles and i know will make us proud with all there great ideas and dedication to Full Moon which is all ours ultimate goal

hugs Hazy xxxxx

the moment they are told they got there roles :))


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