Notes from the meeting on Monday 13th Febuary

Hi everyone. I wanted to get a few things in writing about the meeting to keep things fresh in the mind and to refer back to .

1. We are still looking for ideas for the Masquerade Ball on friday 17th Feb

2. We need everyone to say their prefered time for Full Moon Friday 

3. What sort of Lessons would you like. i.e. Hunting, Bloodlines, Gesture making etc

4. Plans for the Future i.e. What do you want for Full Moon in the future, what are we missing

5. Please join Facebook and check the Full Moon Blog 

6. Any other comments you may have.

Please send all these ideas or comments on a notecard into Mat Finis inbox in SL or any of the other royals

Cant wait for the Masquerade BALL on friday woooooot


3 thoughts on “Notes from the meeting on Monday 13th Febuary

    • its a masquerade ball have u googled masquerade it formal dresses and masks and the theme will be more baroque and rococo style with drapes and candles and chandeliers a red carpet event and all will be ebing videoed as they come in

  1. yes please can we have some input from you all so this is all of our party not just the organizers help us to make it the amazing do, for the year and this hopefully could be the first of many to come and hope this will be a big yearly full moon masquerade ball we can make this really fun burt we need a few of u to help out Hazyxxx

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