Full Moon Designs:- A New Marketplace Store

It gives me great pleasure to announce the opening of a new store to showcase the many creative talents of our group. This store will work for everyone. Each person who wishes to contribute will donate a product to the Full Moon store which will generate a small income in order to pay for the store itself. In return not only will the people who contribute feel all warm and fuzzy inside for giving something back but inside the box we deliver they can put a LM to their own store. This will promote Fini as a shopping mecca and also promote the individuals and lead to more sales.

Some ideas would be making your own tattoos, clothes, jewellery, textures, avatar accessories or even building components basically if you can make it and it is yours to sell then we will put it in the store. I must add that these items do not need to have Full Moon on them in anyway. We would love some custom Full Moon Hoodies or Tshirts etc and I will more than likely include the Full Moon Tattoos I made (which if you are in family I will give you if you ask) but it isnt a requirement basically if you made it We will sell it

I for instance will be offering custom gestures. Some of you will have some of the name gestures I have made in my time in sl. These can be a great gift for friends.

A store at Fini rents for 200L/week and you get more than enough prims bu the items you sell in the Full Moon Designs store will cost you nothing. If you do not wish to rent a store then you can put a notecard in with your item to lead customers to you directly.

I must give praise to Whitney who approached us with the idea which has lead to me opening the store. At the moment there is very little to nothing in the store but I look forward to seeing it grow and grow.

If you have something you wish to contribute please approach Mat Fini (nee Ronin) or Whitney and we will gladly include your items.

A post by Mat Fini

Remember to share , favourite, like etc cos all these things will draw more attention to us making us even greater and able to take over SL then the world mwahahahahaha (oooh sorry my sinister side came out)


2 thoughts on “Full Moon Designs:- A New Marketplace Store

  1. ooh exciting stuff this is i hope as this store grows we get lots of exciting things in here , the hope is to have slightly different things not found in every store on market place we like to have that slight edge and be a lil different
    hazy xx

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