Countess Hots 2nd Rezday and Queen Hazys Bday bash at Full Moon Friday Pic request

Countess Pink found this crow costume knowing how much I love crows a wicked costume !!

balloons and more balloons

Friday 3rd February at the Full Moon Club was another big celebration as we had 2 great women of Fini celebrating big occasions. This is a call out to anyone who may have some pictures from the event. If you do please post them We would all love to see

This was also a first for me as I streamed live video from my RL studio to the club to add a little extra to the event This was a success for me even tho my bandwidth didnt exactly hold out but i hope to improve that in the future.

You can watch this at if you are having problems seeing it in game.

In addition to live from my studio I intend on screen casting what is happening in the club and recording it for prosperity and hopefully link the video on here so we can re live some great Fini memories

It will also be fun to see ourselves dancing as our avis on the big screen.

Till my next post

Mat Fini

am so sorry guys u know I nornally take so many pictures at parities but obviously to busy partying at my own party and forgot to take any pictures soo only this one  sad face xxx Hazy Cygnet xxx

ooh just found a couple more pictures

this entry was written by King Mat Fini and the pictures where taken By queen hazy Cygnet


3 thoughts on “Countess Hots 2nd Rezday and Queen Hazys Bday bash at Full Moon Friday Pic request

  1. am so sorry the pictures are a little scattered around but for some reason it wasn’t letting me move them where I wanted soo they are alil randomly placed but hope u enjoy them.
    Hazy xxxx

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