cazzes embracment

Marc take the first bite of your minion

and cazz lands a vampire!!!

prince dblocs turn

cazz has to let her friends in rl know thats she is about to turn vampire

they watch in the gallary as the suspence begins

as the dougie begins malak looks erm confused lets say hehehe

the sparkle she gonna rise!!!

cazz drinks the last of the blood

yay she starts to riseand she rose beautifully like an angle of the night

This turning was another success , most the royals were present and all went smoothly , . cazz had on an amazing dress and looked like angel of the night  as she rose  yup she gonna be a great vampire.

here liege marc was so proud and watched on as she took the bites like a pro 🙂 and then he drained the last bit of blood from her leaving a tiny bit to take the last bite and for marc ‘s first turning he did a grand job

so three turnings this week and three rose well that has to be a miracle in its self .

Hazy xxx


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