Yes peoples watch this space

family saying it how it is !!!

yes peoples watch this space cause some exciting things gonna be taking place ,  such as 

we going to have a feature  following Full Moon Warrors in there battles , we will flow some the clan djs and document their parties  with pictures and videos,  we gonna have a category showing peoples poetry and their stories , hopefully is is successful will take it on to holding events around the fire  and poetry readings and storytelling . 

we show some the photographers of Full Moons work

we want to make this site clans page from any one with any ideas we bring a feature in so help us out tell us what u want to see here ,less of or more off.

If u get some good pictures of things going on in clan  pass to either me or Cait with who in the picture and what is going on in it.

If u find some good bargains in stores u want to share with rest of clan give us the link 

any good u tube vid , any thing at all let us know  and please give us some feed back soo we know ur following us :))


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