Full Moon Clan

 Bloodlines Some hate it , some love it many try and dont suceed but how ever you feel about it it is a sucessful system and if you work it the way it is ment to be played then is alotta  fun

I happen to love bloodlines I did from the min I joined , now had tough times  and sad times many sad times and a number of tough times but what it all boils down to is we have a fantastic clan / family and we wouldn’t be any thing with our all the members as all and every one has there own importance some more than others , but we do welcome  all sorts some who just want to party , some who just want to hang out every now and again, some who are totally addicted like me ,some who are vampires and some lycans and lots of human blood angels some who build, some who fight , some who dj, some who just look pretty some who are a pain   in the ass but over all we are a family and thats what makes full moon and it happens that we play bloodlines .

I think all the clan members have some etiquette and never random bite  and respect when we in places that don,t like bloodlines , we like to teach those that have been miss lead by other clans and left them not knowing what to do and feeling lost in sl that family matters .

we like to have fun and  to bring new members  to come and enjoy what we have  and yes the person who brought u is more than likely hunting you, but in a good way. sometimes the hunting process will take months some times only a few days  we don’t like to push people when they are ready they will want to join in there own time.  I tend to leave people on sim to find there feet meet family and I know  that when they are ready if that days comes they will want to join us  I wont push them I just let it be there decision if they don’t want to then all is good we not gonna send them away they still welcome

So the important message is never judge just cause some one is different to u  thats what makes us all special  and to love your brother and sisters  and forgive and forget if some thing happens to upset you as all can be resolved through talking  what ever it maybe if u cant sort it between your selves ask a clan member to help  you sort it out as that can always be a good way to have some one not involved to intervene.

I could go on about this subject all night soo I will just stop here  more is bound to come lol



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