watch this space exciting stuff coming

So we going be documenting all sorts things, such as  clan army as we play Bloodlines War so we  will write accounts of battles and crazy stuff that takes place in the world of war

ok am gonna turn lycan any second ....

we are leaning towards some doing more role play and this can be about any thing and every thing.


So for those that want to take part in role play  write your self a back story , am writing clan story and we will document what takes shape in here it be alotta fun.

we will document partys we have and  diff events coming up with links to them  , we will be  puting up links for shops we like and where to get certain things and  pictures to show what we have found  soo any ideas  on good stores  let us know

This is a family page and documenting diffrent things that we like, love even hate , thing we do , wish for

soo please follow this  and watch this space and we make it as good as and as fun as clan is :))


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