Now when it comes to hunting

I strongly feel  it not hunting that is really just making friends  meeting people you get long with and wanting them to be part of some thing that we all love .

But always use your scanner scan , scan   and scan again , when u have the initial detail then if they are a member of bloodlines then go have a look at their bloodlines page and get used to studying that ,as you will learn a lot by looking at who has  bitten them when they were last bitten  who they have bitten  , their clan, who there liege is ,who there king  and queen is  all this give u a pretty good insight to what is going on in there bloodlines life also look at there minions  have the been taught any thing or do all the minions have no souls and so hence  have their souls just been collected and turned then nothing more as this happens a lot.

The more you study the bloodlines page the more u begin to see patterns with people

You will meet a lot that are in curse clan , this could be for a number of reasons  they went happy with their clan so de leiged and went into curse ,

They were causing drama so have been thrown out of there clan

Maybe they have just bought the hud themselves with out really understanding what to do soo havent been shown how to liege as yet

all these are reasons to find out about and talk to the person to what find out what happened with their last clan

Now once I have looked into all this  I will then perv there profile  and a big profile perv as this also tells u a lot about the person, am always looking for interesting profiles not the norm something with a little difference to it  something that tells me this person is an intrestiong person and dont follow like a sheep :))

But we do all do things differently and is just my way of doing it ,

then it is down to my worldly charm and that they not gonna be able to resist hehehehhehe !!!!!!!!!


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