let It Rain down on me

Yes yes well tis the season for the rain coat and yes I have two cute ones for you One from my blogging group Welove to Blog Made by the designer DandelionWine and the Other by one my lovley sponsors Lumiere They are both very diffrent but yet Both keep me dry ion the rain and both hugley glam. The wellies!ooh yes the wellies !No stylish girl about town should be with out these wellies  they come in two designs  ducks & frogs, OOh I so should have gone on an explore of sl and found one of those continuous rainy sims , But my puter hasnt been behaving at its best so I stayed at home with my lovley green boards !!!!! and when I can afford it (If ever) I will put my puter into be fixed and loved by the lovley apple store and hopefully will make it happy agaion so I can go back to more exploring ( yeah I miss doiung that . as how it is at the moment if I try to expplore It will take about an hour to load up then another 16 hours to move 3 paces forward ( I am guessing this is not good puter performance???)

and I am using the cute Pink faun skin again from 7Deadly {S}kins  cause I love it !!! and lastly the nails I have a new sponsor Crow at the moment she is moving store so there is no landmark to her store But watch this space as in a bout a weeks time the new store will be opening exciting stuff to come:)

dandelion wine

the 3 llumiere's

crow nails Lumiere wellies accessroieswhat hazy is wearing pic 1.

hair- Lux (pastels) By +spellbound+

skin-Pink faun By 7Deadly{S}Kins

coat-Trench coat by Dandelion Wine (with hud)

wellies- frog by Lumiere

makeup-eyeshadow punk by Mons

nails-bats&cats By Crow lm coming soon Watch this space

piercing- nose swirl By Pekka


Pincture 2

all as abouve

coat- trench coats( PLain) By Lumiere
coat- trench coat (Polka dots) by Lumiere

wellies- duck wellingtons by Lumiere
wellies- frog by Lumiere

picture 3

wellies -duck wellingtons by Lumiere

nails-bats&cats By Crow lm coming soon Watch this space

Happy halloween follks have fun xxxxx Hazy xxxxx

poses used for this shoot wassweet baby by Eternal  Dream

Becoming the ultimate Housewife!!!

hades refuge 50's 1

hades refuge 50's 2

laughs Well I make a rubbish house wife But hazy not doing too bad!!! I am sure a house husband is what waagwan supose to be we not in the 50’s anymore  or are we?? well for this fashion’s story we are

The image of the perfect housewife who kept a spotless home, had her husband’s dinner ready as soon as he walked through the door from work and single-handed raised the children – while still always managing to look fashionable and beautiful – is a well-known stereotype from the 1950s.

The smart woman will keep herself feminine. It is her duty to herself to be desirable at all times to the opposite sex.

 hair-lux by +SpellBound+

necklace-leah by Pure Poison (Old group Gift)

eyes- voodoo (Siren) By Buzzeri

You Just make me so Livid!!!!

livid arm and closeDay of the Dead is a mexican holiday observed throughout Mexico and around the world in other cultures. The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died. It is particularly celebrated in Mexico where the day is a Bank holidayThe celebration takes place on October 31, November 1 and November 2, in connection with the triduum of Allhallowtide: All Hallows Eve, Hallomas and all saints day.

Traditions connected with the holiday include building private altars called ofrendas honoring the deceased using Sugar skulls and marigolds and the favorite foods and beverages of the departed, and visiting graves with these as gifts. They also leave possessions of the deceased.

Livid a new sponsor for full Moon blog has made  a really pretty outfit coming in a few different colour ranges , with the sugar skulls face tattoo, and cute little mules for slink High feet. I simply love it I got my halloween outfit sorted right here :)

2 shoes livid3 livid hazys

What hazy is wearing…

Picture one..

skin-halloween girl vi By 7Deadly{S}kins @ The Beauty Pageant 11th oct – nov 1st
flower crown- -carmen By Livid
sugar skull makeup – flashy light by Livid
dress- santa muerte by Livid
fishnets- wide ( Black) by Erratic
shoes- skeletons high skull By Livid (for high slink)
necklace- choker 9Gold) By RYCAThe Beauty Pageant
bangles – Cuban (Gold) By RYCA
hair- raindance reds by Soonsiki

 Picture two..

dress santa muerte ( Skalita) by Livid
makeup- sugar skull (Traditional light) By Livid
flower crown ( frida) By Livid
necklace- bloodvial & fang (Gold) By Izzie’s

skin-halloween girl vi By 7Deadly{S}kins @ The Beauty Pageant 11th oct – nov 1s

Bonnie & Clyde hit SL

sn bonnie n clyde 4 fashion's storyBonnie Elizabeth Parker (October 1, 1910 – May 23, 1934) and Clyde Chestnut Barrow (March 24, 1909 – May 23, 1934) were American outlaws and robbers from the Dalles area who traveled the central United States with their gang during the Great depression. At times, the gang included Buck barrow, Blanche Barrow, Raymond Hamilton,W.D Jones, Joe Palmer, Ralph futz and Henry Methin. Their exploits captured the attention of the American public during the “The public enemy era” between 1931 and 1934. Though known today for his dozen-or-so bank robberies, Barrow preferred to rob small stores or rural gas stations. The gang is believed to have killed at least nine police officers and several civilians. The couple were eventually ambushed and killed in Bienville Parish, Louisiana by law officers. Their reputation was revived and cemented in American pop folklore by Arther Penn’s  1967 film bonnie & Clyde  which starred faye Dunaway and warren beatty as the pair.

Information taken from wikapedia

This pose and prop was made By something New for the Fashion’s Story event and what a great pose it is too I asked a friend to pop on for me and she ( He ) did the job beautifully for me thank you  Amiec Cross:))

the skin I used from 7Deadly{S}kins worked beautifully for Bonnie she looked glamourous But yet femme fatal , with the red lipstick and the gun in her hand. ready to go rob abank Now I think:))!!!!

bonnie n clyde in dark

bonnie o her own

what hazy Is wearing…

skin – sacha v1 by 7Deadly{S}kins available @Feeb’s Rascals ST Sales Room

eyes-wild child(green) By Glamorize

earings- Paris( Gold) By:: Glow Designs::

hair- femaine retro side swept hair ( Ruby Red)by Tutty’s

dress daylily By Volstead

shoes-katherine platform (Black dots) By Suicide Girls Available @ Fashion’s Story Event

Pose & prop Bonnie & Clyde Hit sl By Something New  @ Fashion’s Story Event

we are all unique in our own little ways

started on 22nd of October till the 12th of November is the Unique varied event , some great things are available from our lovley Something New  is a range of coffins with diffrent poses I have to show you . also Lumiere has items in this rounfd of freaky friday , trendy urban wear but also suitable for your halloween ideas I wanted to portray a modern day Dracula’s bride in my photo shoot , as anyhting dracula related is always based oldie woldie So I put a modern twist on it , and still going on is the Sl Vogue  on Elm Street Event


pageant winner

pageant winner


Dracula's Bride

Dracula’s Bride


Dracula's Bride

Dracula’s Bride

What Hazy is wearing…


picture 1.-

hair- rula by Emo -tions
chained leotard(white) by Aterna @ SL Vogue On Elm street Event

necklace- chained choker by ryca
earrings- 3rown ingold by ryca
boots-kalie by Rowena Designs
skin – moraine v1 (Gacha)ultra rare by 7deadly[s]kins in store now!!!
lipstick-chocklate mood lips by Glamorize
eyes-wild child(green) By Glamorize


picture 2. & 3.

hair rula by Emo-tions

necklace,earings,skin and makeup all same as abouve

heels-spiked(black) by Lumiere @ Freaky friday

top-ripped fishnet tank(Black) by Lumiere @ Freaky friday
jacket-69 hood (black) by Lumiere @ freaky friday from 17- 31st october – Bi-weekly

nails- ageless anarchy By Koffin Nails

shorts-rude girl(Black) by !(::HR 2.0::) not sure of the lm or if this9 store is still available:((

tights-fishnet by Erratic
single poses in coffins Dracula’s Bride & pageant  winner – By Something New Available @ The Unique Varied Event creator- Allysondwyer Resident 

Mainstore Something New

flicker  -Something new

facebook – Something New

marketplace – Something New

Freaky friday is a bi-weekly  event started on 17th October till 31st October


heels-spiked(black) by Lumiere

heels-spiked(black) by Lumiere



“Sitting on a curbstone chewing Pepsin gum…. Go on you big fat lobster, said the little bum.”

nya's in 50's kitchen

Pencil dress Red)

well how things have changed in in 70 years from 1940s .During the 40’s women’s roles and expectations in society were changing rapidly. Previously women had very little say in society and were stereotyped to stay home, make babies, be a good home maker and wife. The 1940’s were different, life for women was expanding, the men were at war and some one had to step up and take the men’s place. Not only men were going to war either, the war was so big that in 1942 The Women’s Army Corps (WAC) and Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Services (WAVES) were established. After these organizations were accepted congress authorized women to serve in the U.S. Navy. Going back to state side roles women worked factory, labor intensive jobs and become the attention of society in the entertainment industry. 1943 The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League was founded. In 1945 Eleanor Roosevelt became a U.S delegate for the newly established United Nations. Through out the 1940’s the amount of women in the workforce increased by 25-35 percent. This was a prosperous time in women’s history.


The 1940s saw two distinctive styles in women’s fashion. From the beginning of the decade until the “New Look” in 1947, women’s dresses were knee-length and featured padded shoulders. This added a flair to clothing that was otherwise simple, because of wartime rationing.

Women became creative in mixing separates to make a wardrobe seem more diverse than it was. Homemade accessories and elaborate hairstyles allowed women to show their flair without expense or waste. Hats became very popular.
Even in suits or factory overalls, hair curls and bright red lipstick kept the look feminine. Jackets were shorter, and, the peplum became popular, helping to narrow the hips and showing off a trim waist. The clothes were simple and practical, but women still managed to look attractive even during the lean years of war.

Information taken from Role of women during the 1940’s  this Is the outfit I am looking at today For Fashion’s Story Event that is in full swing at the moment even if its just to see the wonderful creations and all the designers have been hugley creative the outfit I am wearing today Is By Nya’s


nya's with cig 50's background 2

pencil dress (Green)

nya's funny bone record

gild’s dress (peonies)

nya's on postage stamps

Gild’s dress (poppies)

nya's shoes

nya's x3 vintage

This penicil dress comes in four colours black blue , red and purple



Gilda's dress (wild)

Gilda’s dress (wild)


Dresses- pencil (Black) By Nya’s available @ fashion’s story

shoes-katherine platform (Black dots) By Suicide Girls

skin – sacha v1 by 7Deadly{S}kins available @Feeb’s Rascals ST Sales Room

hair-sassy ( Black) By Truth

earings- Paris( Gold) By:: Glow Designs
cig-parisian accessory set By The Sea Hole

dress Gilda dress ( spotted B/W) By Nya’s available @ fashions story event 2014 (For The secret dressing room ) sorry The lm is top secret You have to hunt for the lm :)) have funxxx


Gilda dress (spotted Black/white) gift for the secret dressing room:)

Gilda dress (spotted Black/white) gift for the secret dressing room:)

Pin up girl

A pin-up girl, also known as a pin-up model, is a model whose mass-produced pictures see wide appeal as popular culture. Pin-ups are intended for informal display, e.g. meant to be “pinned-up” on a wall. Pin-up girls may be glamour models ,fashion models, or actresses

The pin-up images could be cut out of magazines or newspapers, or be from postcard or chromo -lithograph, and so on. Such photos often appear on calendars, which are meant to be pinned up anyway. Later, posters of pin-up girls were mass-produced and became an instant hit. As social standards changed , Male subjects also began to be featured in pin-ups

So this is what I am looking at  for the fashion’s story this time Pin Up girls and the 1940s – 1950’s  I got some great stuff for you I hope you love my styling as I have enjoyed doing these pics alot. this outfit from brii is cool as it comes with everything  The bow for the hair, the glasses, the makeup (tattoo layer) and the pinup suit. cute dont you think??

pinup brii 2


pinup arms up ))


pinup brii  nails la boheme 3


what Hazy Is wearing…

outfit- pinup 50s style complete outfit (Red) by Brii Underground Wear available @fashion’s Story Event

Nails-  tracers (slink) Gift for the secret dressing room (Secret location!!) by la Boheme @fashion’s story Event

necklace- ladies Geometric long necklace By Tran-Skewed @Fashion’s story event

skin-malena v1 (taupe) By 7Deadly{S}Kins Available @ The Boho Culture Fair 2014

cigarette-rainbow pink by NikOtin

hair-sassy By Truth

Poses used pinup girl by lumiere