Pin up girl

A pin-up girl, also known as a pin-up model, is a model whose mass-produced pictures see wide appeal as popular culture. Pin-ups are intended for informal display, e.g. meant to be “pinned-up” on a wall. Pin-up girls may be glamour models ,fashion models, or actresses

The pin-up images could be cut out of magazines or newspapers, or be from postcard or chromo -lithograph, and so on. Such photos often appear on calendars, which are meant to be pinned up anyway. Later, posters of pin-up girls were mass-produced and became an instant hit. As social standards changed , Male subjects also began to be featured in pin-ups

So this is what I am looking at  for the fashion’s story this time Pin Up girls and the 1940s – 1950’s  I got some great stuff for you I hope you love my styling as I have enjoyed doing these pics alot. this outfit from brii is cool as it comes with everything  The bow for the hair, the glasses, the makeup (tattoo layer) and the pinup suit. cute dont you think??

pinup brii 2


pinup arms up ))


pinup brii  nails la boheme 3


what Hazy Is wearing…

outfit- pinup 50s style complete outfit (Red) by Brii Underground Wear available @fashion’s Story Event

Nails-  tracers (slink) Gift for the secret dressing room (Secret location!!) by la Boheme @fashion’s story Event

necklace- ladies Geometric long necklace By Tran-Skewed @Fashion’s story event

skin-malena v1 (taupe) By 7Deadly{S}Kins Available @ The Boho Culture Fair 2014

cigarette-rainbow pink by NikOtin

hair-sassy By Truth

Poses used pinup girl by lumiere


Swinging 60’s

I was born a little later just missed the 60’s I’m a 70’s child , but what a fantastic vibrant era , mainly what the 60’s was remmeberd for was clothing, music, drugs, dress and  sexuality, people where doing things that had never been done before, The decade was also labeled the swinging sixties because of the fall or relaxation of social taboos especially relating to racisim  and sexism that occurred during this time. Hippies. These groups created a movement toward liberation in society, including the sexual revolution, questioning authority and government, and demanding more freedoms and rights for women and minoritie, The movement was also marked by the first widespread, socially accepted drug use (includingLSD and marijuana) and Psycadelic  music.

This is the time I have focused on to do my photo shoot  The 1960’s With serenity style having brought out an exclusive recordplayer and cupboard  and the two Retro floor puffs with a few diffrent sit animations   in and some gacha’s  , so why the 60’s today I hear you asking?? let me tell you Ooh the excitment!!! Today is the start of  Fashion’s Story Event  2014 let me tell you about this if you havent heard the talk on the grape vine already …

Fashion’s story fair was born in September of 2013, an event created by Uklea MadDoll.

This is an annual fair, designed to recreate a real journey into the world of fashion, a blast from the past, that slowly brings us back to our days!

There are in fact 4 distinct Areas, each dedicated to a specific historical period:

* 20’s -30’s Area

* 40’s – 50‘s Area

* 60’s -70′s Area

* 80’s – 90‘s Area

This event is even alittle cutural!! ,Since the designers will try to represent to the fullest, with their creations, the historical period they have chosen!

This year there will be  alot of new and exciting stuff

* The street market:

where all items  will be sold to priced discount from 30L to 60L

* The Gacha’s Area:

Where visitors can try their luck by playing with only 50L

also can not absolutely miss the treasure hunt, which will last for the duration of the fair ..

* The Secret Dressing Room HUNT:

in the previous edition this treasure hunt  was liked very much and was hugley popular!

what you have to do is find a variety of objects around the sim, inside them will hide the Landmark for The Secret Dressing Room!

It will be in this special room that the hunter can find all the prizes. Now how exciting does all this sound omg I have been soo excited about this event for months  as Uklea MadDoll is hugley talebnted  and creative and anything she does is done to perfection. some great designers are involved Something New, Serenity Style,La boheme,Lushish Catz,M.second,Pulse,Center Ville Store,Trinte,Bad Apple Designs,Be-Dazzled,Fasiowl Poses that is to name just a few I not even touched the surface  there is much much more for you tooo see and lots lots fun to be had

So for my first post On this wickedly cool event Is Serenity style with her lovley 60’s -70’s style Items , and hey guys watch this space as over the next few weeks there be alot more from me coming from this event , but dont wait on me to tell you wass there and my styling go see for your self and lets compare :))


60s retros erenity fashion story 1


60s retro serenity  fashion story 7


60s retro serenity fashion story 6


60s retro   Serenity fashion story 2


60s retro  serenity fashion story 3Tv with anims- by Retro Radar

black star clock by Retro Radar

rug- harlequin by Retro Radar

60’s egg chair- by mm

skybox -anastasia By A.S.S.

prefab book shelf F04 by The Afterburner

Retro hangers-retro boxes (Rare) By Serenity Style available@Fashion’s story Event
retro frames (Ultra rare) By Serenity Style available@Fashion’s story Event
retro frames (Ultra rare)By Serenity Style available@Fashion’s story Event
retro hanger (blue red & yellow) By Serenity Style available@Fashion’s story Event

retro puff (cream) & retro puff (Blue) By Serenity Style available @ fashion’s story
vintage record player & chest By Serenity style available @ fashion’s story

woodstock poster by Serenity Style available @Fashion’s Story Event 2014

retro boxes (rare By serenity style Serenity Style available @Fashion’s Story Event 2014

What Hazy is wearing…

Hair-electra (Black) By Truth
nails-petals &Butterfly By Voodoo Dolls
shoes-The Monster sh By Precious Designs
dress-vintage goo dress (canary) By Cracked Mirror

skin-malena v1 (taupe) By 7Deadly{S}Kins Available @ The Boho Culture Fair 2014

fe “FI” fo fum I smell the the cloth of a smexy dress!!!

Fi’s creations has an adorable little batty dress for halloween a few diffrent colours My favorate was this sort of plum pink, I not blogged fi’ Creations before I dont think but Im glad I found this dress In the blogger group I belong to We Love to Blog that has a bunch of designers who make new items and post in this group and we can pick out what we like to blog , It works really well I must have been blogging  for this group over a year now  and Its always nice when I discover a designer I havent blogged before.

and 7Deadly{S}kins have a very pretty skin out for halloween both male and female called halloween  (Obviously I have used the female one:))) so be sure to check the link below for the event to pop along and get it as It will make all your haloween outfits look wonderful.

Hope you like my pictures  :)) happy halloweeenxxxx

ooh and before I go we have Fashion’s Story Event starting on the 19th and this I am soo excited about as it is covering a huge range of era’s 20- 30,’s 40- 50’s , 60-70’s 80-90’s  so watch this space much will be coming up any day now :))

fi's creations headshot


Fi's creations

dress- batty (pink) By Fi’s creations

shoes- lisse (Choc) By Bushu

makeup-night Shadows By The hellish Diva [THD]

earrings- Izar (Platinum) By Phoebie

necklace-Akhan amulet By ::Axix::

hair- Warrior(pastels) By +SpellBound+

skin-halloween girl V1 By 7deadly{S}kins for The Beauty Pageant – halloween Event


The Beauty Pageant is on from the 11th October till November 1st
The Beauty Pageant is a 3-week halloween fair hosted at the Cleavage sim. EVENT THEME: Horror  so get ya goulies on and shop shop shop ( OOh My idea of heaven:))

I Can See A Rainbow, Catch it if You Can!!

masoom &diesel works 5

Masoom have brought out a new sexily geourgous sleek red dress  one for going out  on the arm of a gorgous man ( I couldnt get mine in world to do a photoshoot) so I had to make do with my lovley new fence and my beautiful HPMD tree But I love the colors and I felt the fence brought out the red in the dress beautifully  this dress can be got at  Designer Circle, Topped with my Hair from +SpellBound+ which comes  with a hud of Pastel colors So I went with the palest  of pale pink so pale its almost white.

God in the last three days we had so much rain Loks like we gonna get more flooding this winter Ughh so my prayors go out to all the people in flood areas Hoping that the flood defenses the goverment have so called done will work as I know two years ago in Glouster when they had supposedly put in a million pound flood defense  everyone in those flood areas didnt raise all their home items up away out the flooding as they expected the defense to work .It didnt so all their stuff got ruined and they say OOh no the battary failed on the new flood defense thingy!!! omg really??  so yeah back to my point I am preaying that we dont have the problems we had around here like last year .

masoom &diesel works 4

masoom &diesel work 10

masoom &diesel works 1

masoom &diesel works 6

masoom  koffin nails _ maxi gossamer8

OOh Look Look at My new nails Anarchy Nails By Koffin Nails OMG I’m in love I don’t think I ever be able to wear any other these are my fav :)



What Hazy Is Wearing…

dress -hellen By Masoon available @  Designer Circle

hair- nahara (Pastels) By +SpellBound+

nails-    By Dark Passions( Koffin Nails)
skin- delaya Taupe) by 7Deadly{S}Kins available @ Suicide Dolls

eye makeup- wildchild (Blue) By Glamorize
eyes-voodoo ( Siren) by Buzzeri

lipstick – chocolate moodlips by Glamorize\
shoes- brooklyn ( Ruby) by Bushu
bracelets- athena ( Gold) By Maxi Gossamer
earings-izar ( Platinum) By Phoebe

garden tree o4 (Brown/ flowers) By Hpmd

wooden fence by Five Minutes after

pose used Miaa By Diesel Works

All the Pretty Things Autumn Brings

Potpourri  Designs has brought out some great stuff for halloween not spooky stuff But  great items to decorate your house with to get into that halloweeny feel , Light the fire put your feet up and soak in the wonderful colours in this furnature,I decorated this in an unusual way with a chinese wall paper for the wall , I really didn’t think it would work  but tunred out to really like the pale blue with the orangy colors in the potpouri Items , see what you think and let me know in comments as I love to hear  what you guys think :)

Potpourri Designs has a booth at the Halloween Village as well as two gachas in the gacha area.
The Halloween Village is now open and runs through November 2.
potpourri designs @mieville Halloween village

The Halloween Village has lots to see and do. Trick or Treating with free gifts from merchants – must wear the hud available for free at the main landing spot.
Amusement park area with fun rides
Many booths and carts offer a free gift, look for the candy corn.HAPPY HALLOWEEN FOLKS HAVE FUN XXXXXXX

potpouri 8

potpouri 7

potpouri 6

potpouri 5

potpouri 4

potpouri 3

potpouri 2

potpouri 1

What Hazy is wearing…

Skin-Delayla Clevage BY 7Deadly{S}Kins Available at SuicideDolls

makeup-maike ( Ruby) By Zibska

HAIR-nahara (Pastels) By +SpellBound+

top – mirage By +(Luxuriant)

shorts- play mesh shorts ( elephants) by *TuttiFruitti*

shoes-brooklyn (Ruby) By Bushu

necklace -blood vial/fang by Izzie’s

nails-ilver (Giraffe) By Zoz

hands -casual feet high avatar Enhancment By Slink

4 in a row potpouri


Items In Hazy’s House…

pumpkin flower gaslight lamp by Potpourri Designs  @@mieville Halloween village
autumn dreams squares rug by Potpourri Designs @ @mieville Halloween village
cairns side table ( walnut) By DIGS
basket of yarn By the Homestore ( Now not available)

niece side table and lamp by [what next]
jack o lantern Leaf chair by Potpourri Designs @ @mieville Halloween village
niece drapes By [what next]

black bench with halloween stripes and poses By Potpourri Designs @@mieville Halloween village
cairns coffee table(walnut) by DIGS
modern asymmetrical chair Left & right by Potpourri Designs @ @mieville Halloween village

heart photo frame by Alouette ( free gift @Eloquence)
butterfly restoration chair By Lisp
autumn leaf rug By Potpourri Designs @ @mieville Halloween village
ghost ship in black frames ( animated ) By Potpourri Designs @ @mieville Halloween village
haunted masion in Balck frame ( animated) By Potpourri Designs @ @mieville Halloween village
autumn floral centre piece in vase By Potpourri Designs @ @mieville Halloween village

tinted pumpkin candle by Potpourri Designs @ @mieville Halloween village
fireplace 9 medium By Lisp

log basket with axe By Lisp

A Modern Witch

A New sponsor for me Voodoo Dolls Has a great collection out   with  beautifully texture items I mean Look at this jacket below it is beautiful  the attention to detail is wonderful,

blue hearts

grey n purple clothard jacket

headshotI am simply in love with these Clothard jackets and I know you wont be disapointed so pop along to the store and see what other goodies you might find.

What Hazy Is wearing…

nails edges By Figure ( free gift from eloquence)

Jacket,bra -Clochard ( Brown) By Voodoo Dolls

tights-ornamental leggings ( Circles) By Bax

hair–Clover ( Pastels) By Truth

makeup-lucky day combo By :Glamorize:

jacket-Clochard (Purple stripes) By Voodoo Dolls
Jacker Clothard ( blue heart)
Jacket Clothard ( Grey)

boots-brooklyn ( Ruby) By Bushu

hands casual ,Feet High avatar enhancement by Slink

necklace-Inca Moon By Phoebie

Eyebrow spikes by {.Bijou&T}HQ

voodoo dools x2

voodoo dolls

voodoo dolls with shadows

voodoo dolls aceahh but you thought i was finished didnt you There is more from Voodoo Dolls these pretty pretty flared pants that come in a range of colours This is a wonderul time of year and the colours for autumn can be so inspiring so be bold be diffrent and stand out from the crowd Laughs!!! thats my mesage for the day:)) Hazy xxxx

What Hazy is wearing…

hair-Yuri3 (garnet) By D!va

necklace blood vial/fang by Izzie’s

nails shock By figure ( free gift @ Eloquence)

outfit , arm warmers, flared pants, made shirt Maddie rose by Voodoo Dolls

skin Halloween girl V1 By 7Deadly{S}kins For the beauty pageant – Halloween Event
bloody horns – by Lumiere

ring-jewelled ghost (Blue) By Phoebie

poses used various Ones from Eternal Dream

And I am sure you agree How great voodoo dolls are I am so in love with their clothes  , I hope you love them as much as I do Pop On by the store to see what you may find

also check out the blog ,


and flicker

have fun guys Love ya all Hazy xxxxx


Ready or Not Here I Come

Here I got more great stuffs for you comeing from the Sl vogue event OOh its cute soo very cute Your gonna love it .

and this hair from runaway im in love with it the hud with such pretty colours, I would so have my hair like this in real ( well when I was 20 maybe !!!!)

tranquil tube by [A]

hair-tara hair By Runaway

makeup -Saintly shadow by [THD]

jeans-dagmar ( part of outfit ) By C.H

necklace drow priestess BY Deviance( sorry Idk If this store is still available but I couldnt find a link anywhere :()

eyes- voodoo(Siren) By [Buzzeri]
skin-wendy V1 by 7Deadly{S}kins

top- tranquil tube by [A}  @Sl Vogue

runaway hair [A]

Top -cropped( Pink) By Project Reject available @ Sl Vogue
skirt -split(Black) By Project Reject  available @ Sl Vogue
tights-ornamental By Erratic

skin- wendy (caramel) by 7deadly{S}Kins

necklace-heavy spikes by[Glow]Studio

hair– tara hair By Runaway


glamourous halter top by [A]

top-glamorous halter top (Pink) by[A] @ sl vogue

nails-edges fingernails&Toes By Figure free gift @Eloquence

braclets- cuban Gold cuffs by RYCA

necklace-choker(Gold) by RYCA
earings-rin 3row Hoop(Gold) By RYCA

jeans-leather skinny pants by Maitreya

makeup -Saintly shadow by [THD]

eyes- voodoo(Siren) By [Buzzeri]
skin-wendy V1 by 7deadly{S}kins

so pop on by Sl Vogue and see all the great items to be had :)) hurry along now !!!

sl vogue fb

sl vogue flicker

TP to Sl Vogue